ok so a bit more info about copilot

it seems as if the thing fkin understands the code it is writing? like, it names variables similar to the words used in comments, as well as using the names i used if i defined them already

on another note, it suggested comments written in russian when solving competitive programming problems so there's that :blobcatupsidedown:

will keep informing later on as i keep toying around

been testing a bit more, can make react components, make OpenGL code, and much more

the wonders of modern technology and stealing code never cease to amaze

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also if you dont either have a huge comment describing the problem or have a ton of shit surrounding the code the suggestions be kinda shitty, ngl

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hmmm, it seems like it is taking the workspace into account as well, since am running it inside a directory with 300+ problem solutions

doing so in a separate workspace hinders the quality of the results so there's that

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update: it went through CSES's Building Roads and the code doesn't work, but it seems to have understood the problem quite well

Problem: cses.fi/problemset/task/1666/

Code written by copilot: cses.fi/paste/defec4998163c686

(for this experiment, i only pasted the problem description, and added the include, using namespace, and the empty int main(), the rest was done using tab autocomplete)

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github copilot access: acquired

engaging test mode right now, time to see whether this thing can cheat its way through competitive programming or not

(and see whether it stole code from some of my friends or not)

ok so after like 2 hours of setup now Obsidian is properly set up for Zettelkasten...

now just gotta learn how 2 zettelkasten :blobcatupsidedown:

hello everyone cube gained a friend now

everyone say hi to tetrahedron, a lesser god of the rainbow spinny shapes religion

thanks ark, now people can gaze at THE CUBE

everyone embrace the cube as their new god or else...

(in another news OpenGL with C++ is pretty pog ngl)


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