@michcio @potzerus I know, that's what I said right? I don't read it like that because its part of the do notation and I haven't touched monads that much yet. :3

@potzerus no because that's part of the do-notation and I haven't touched monads that much yet

Programming in haskell really do be like

"I know exactly what I'm doing and it works like expected I'm so smart"


"Okay uuuh, this is wrong, hmm, what if I just mess with this oh it works, but why? no clue"

@katka since asperin/ibuprofen is quite quickly absorbed you could try chewing on the pill/crushing it between two spoons and putting the ground up pill under your tongue

Dunno abt if that dosing would be too quick though

Referring to friend groups APA style

Riley et al.
Mame et al.
Aety et al.

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