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Please instead of reacting reply with your emoji because masto doesn't like emojis.

(If you're on misskey a reaction will always get turned into a favorite for me)


Toe aan weekend

Gelukkig heb ik een lang weekeind die begint op donderdag dus alleen nog vandaag en morgen volhouden

Swing :D

I tried some masked split toning, but not really happy with how it looks. Should try to split tone more often though because Aety showed me some very nice pictures that were spit toned.

There is a consent awareness thing in the main canteen today

Im gonna get a private alt, any masto instances open for new users?

Unpopular opinion 

Mate tier list:
🇸 Club Mate
🇦 Flora Mate
🇧 Mio Mate
🇨 Charitea Mate (so expensive!)
🇩 Mate Mate

Calories per Europe dollar min/maxing strat

I mean it makes sense because we took the bad parts of all three of these languages

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Dutch is if german, english and french had a baby

Voel me al de hele dag helemaal kut en het continue geschreeuw in dit huis maakt het niet beter

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Godverdomme ik voel me echt super overprikkeld holy shit

It's so quiet here
There are 2x as many people on the platform, but there are no trains making noise, and people are quiet

Also mills are hecking expensive

I mean I knew they were but also still expensive

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Gift for a friend of mine her birthday is this Saturday

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