13. Lowest and highest grade 

Grading in NL is done from 1-10, with 0.1 step increments. The grades are only evaluated after rounding though, and since you need a 6 to pass, a 5.5 is also passing.

My highest grades were with my IT classes in highschool, I got a 10 for my final project.
And now in uni I've gotten a few 10s in SQL, Java, C#, and I got a 9.5 in C++

My lowest grades were in highschool with languages (ofc), and I've gotten 1s very frequently with german and fr*nch

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12. Future career choice 

God if only I knew

I'm only coping with continuing in IT because I'll tell myself that "I'll figure it out eventually". I actually have no flying fuck of an idea of what I wanna do.

Long story short: I wanna so something that I enjoy doing and that makes enough money for me to enjoy my free time. And I'm currently not factoring out that I'll finish my education and then start working in a small photo lab or something developing anologue fotos.

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11. Starbucks drink 


Because I actually don't like Starbucks cofe (shocking I know) so I take something that'd sweet and has a lot of milk. So yea frappuccino is super sweet and milky and actually tasty imo

But I rarely go to Starbucks because 💸

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10. Your idea of a perfect date 


Okay but in al seriousness

It doesnt really matter for me tbh, as long as there is some privacy to talk, because ultimately I'm gonna be super intrigued by the person and I wanna ask a lot of questions.

So if that's a picnick in the park, having a cofe in a cafe, eating in a restaurant, getting takeout and eating it at home, or getting absolutely stupidly drunk on cocktails at home it's all cool :3

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9. Piercings 

I don't have any and am also not planning on getting any

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8. Favorite book 

I don't really read anymore 😔, but I used to read A LOT during high school

And uuh

It was all like super gay super cheezy young adult books

Among my favorite:
- All the Bright Places
- Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
- Queens of Geek
- None of the Above
- Love Disorder

If you know me irl you can ask to lend my copy if you want, but I'll let you know that I HEAVLY EDIT my books. I write and take notes and write down the songs I was listening to.

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7. Favorite movie 

Uuuuuuh can I say show? Because that's Mr Robot (if you've ever seen me irl during the meetups I've been wearing shirts from the show)

As for movies, not a lot tbh. Go watch the social dilemma but its a documentary

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6. Cat or dog person? 

None actually, I'm really bad with animals ksvjsvjfsjwfkegk

But I prefer cats over dogs, not sure why but cats seem more like a me animal

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5. What's the meaning behind your @? 

It's... my name? Sometimes steph is taken and I use Steph0x00, which is just steph terminated by a null byte so literally the least creative name ever

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3. Height 

1m 92cm is what I always thought, but it might be closer to 1m 90cm I think

Regardless, quite tall :3 (am dutch)

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1. Is your name your true name? 

Kinda? I go by Steph with fedi friends but my real name is actually Stephan. I started using Steph as my name because of Steph from Life is Strange, I was watching this Canadian streamer and they weren't able to pronounce Stephan correctly so I was like say it like you pronounce Steph. In the end they just gave up and called me Steph instead. And it kinda sticked.

It might be partially true that I also enjoy the name because its gender neutral, maybe

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people actually play Yugioh? I thought it was just a stepping stone into the real world of MTG

Time to finish 1984 now (lie, I've been trying to finish it for almost 2 years now ksvksvkgwk)

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