it's existential crisis time again

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i have a weird feeling in my stomach rn :blobcatblush:

From crying of happiness to crying of sadness in 10 minutes

Did i just spend the entire day playing the sims 4 with an incredible friend? Yes i did.
And it was completely worth it.


am horny again, why am i so horny these days :blobcatblush:

I'm checking the code of the people working with me for school.
I'm in pain, wtf is this :blobcatgooglycry:

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tired: top/bottom
wired: social top/social bottom

i haven't had a single dark thought in over a month, i still can't believe everything that is happening to me, i'm so happy and i'm crying of happiness :blobcatsadreach:

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coding something, not understanding why it doesn't work, then finding the solution, then being like "wtf why are you so dumb of course it wasn't working"

my everyday life, and i love it

feeling lonely rn, all I did was work yesterday and I went to sleep when friends started coming online

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