new disease starts spreading in europe: :blobcatsweats:
it's an std: :blobcatcool:

can't wait for my birthday, i'm sure it'll be a great day.

that last thing wasn't about you btw

today is the one year anniversary of the day i thought things would change for the better
i was so hopeful
shame it's never gonna happen again

-coding something: it doesn't work and i don't know why so i scrap everything
-seeing a video about debugging: ok i wanna try it again with this knowledge
-recoding the thing the same way: it actually works now and i don't why :ageblobcat:

my god that episode was depressing

oh damnn, stranger things s4 is coming soon :blobcatverysad:
one more thing

damn i wish i could have played ksp2

i let myself go, i let myself hope again, what a fucking idiot.
i really should have known better

it will soon be the 1st anniversary of the worst decision I ever made.
the day that gave me false hope.

How does one erase something from one's own memory forever pls

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