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In a spot of "fuck I did something wrong again and now my brain isn't letting me forget about it"


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trans stuff 

mfw fantasising going to a fast food restaurant post transition in Germany with frens at nearly 01:00

at least my body's finally cooperating and is growing booba but no v yet

The 1080/1080 Ti look good for the prices I see them at in my opinion, however I'd like some thoughts from people about whether they think it's a fair price or not.

GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X - £340/375€/$460
GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X - £450/495€/$605


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So I realised that finding an RTX 30 series in stock will be a complete nightmare, financially and time-wise until some date like late 2021/2022 so I'm looking at a high-end 10 series that should be good for about five to seven years in terms of PC gaming and whatnot. Since all 10 series aren't being sold new at any store in the UK, physically or online, I'm going to bite the bullet and will get a second hand GPU.


Reasons I love Alien Isolation:
• Native Windows, MacOS and Linux support
• Great graphics (I can run it on Ultra with an 11 year old Radeon)
• Very moddable (to the point where you can either remove all enemies or make every entity an Alien)
• Nicely priced DLC for once
• Hours of entertainment

Thinking about how I might be able to access a tty or something into my router but without doing any modifications to the hardware. May be a challenge since this is a router with no USB ports, only two RJ45s, meaning I can't do any weird connection stuff easily (maybe).

broke: me a week ago

woke: my body deciding it wants to increase my metabolism and start growing boobs

I am in awe rn

Microsoft, please can you not try to bundle VS2019 with the C++ Build Tools kthxbye

Update on my phone not charging: so it is in fact the OS deciding it wants to hand control over to the "connected device", which I can easily take control back.
You may be wondering why I said that in quotes, and for good reason - why would my phone be controlled by the power outlet in the wall?

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minirant: why do people tell me to just shut up about a subject instead of trying to teach me about it if I'm saying wrong things, then taking an indirect (they purposely directed it at me, I could tell) jab at me

another problem is that whenever I ask them to teach me/help me better understand the subject they instantly refuse

oh and they get hostile towards me if I approach them politely about this, so there's really no winning

tfw Google blatantly admits they're keeping paying customers separate from free customers in their new policy

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This is why I get mad when edtech or tech platforms get applauded

No one EVER asks what the fuck is going on in schools with privacy

And let me tell you it is a mess because half the staff don’t know and the other half are wannabe prison guards

tfw a mobile game event featuring the characters in qipaos are making me get back into playing it again

I've noticed that more and more of my early morning activities (00:00-02:00) consist of looking at yuri and various anime girls. It's really the only downtime I get with hardly any interruptions before I'm inevitably pulled into normal daily life, and that's fine. I just wish I could have more time to do what I like without interruptions and annoyances, but so is life.

So here's me not understanding conductivity:

Can rust metal affect the conductivity of electricity? I'm asking due to discovering some rust at the side of my charging port and wondering if that would cause some problems.

Mmmm, my phone's charging port is going weird and not registering power (either that or it's the OS) and I do have an overwhelming urge to fix it myself, however Samsung have probably serialised the charging hardware in the phone lmao

I recommend Mili, they're a great music group and make really unforgettable songs. Miracle Milk is probably the best one to start with.

I'm at the point where I'm too afraid to touch Discord in case he tries to contact me, so I think I'll stay off it for a few days.

Great job Sam. Just like every fucking thing you do it has to go horrifically wrong

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