Amnesty International: "What’s wrong with this 🌍 map?

Wealthy countries are blocking a proposal that would allow more countries to manufacture & access #COVID19 medical tools. No one is safe until everyone is safe. World leaders must support #TRIPSWaivers now!


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Your digital privacy, biological privacy, and personhood are not separate things. Any constitutional rights we lose regarding the former (e.g., backdoors on encryption) will constitute precedents for the erosion of our rights to the latter. Remember, your thoughts are just data…

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All the the big social media companies ditched the chronological timeline so you spend more time on their services.
The Fediverse is the only option to opt out. :)

Hmm, seems like I have social media now.

I'll try to make it worth my time and yours… no promises, though. 😅

Btw I got my profile pictures from they curate media without copyright.

The small one is originally from a series by Joseph Drayton and Alfred Agate about balloon- and puffer-fish.

About the bigger one:
Santiago Ramon y Cajal, image of axon of Purkinje neurons, ca. 1900

I think neurology is quite fascinating. ☺️

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