How come Etherpad doesn't appear to be part of the Fediverse?

From my tracking spreadsheet, viewing figures, averaged across number of episodes for each game:

Real talk: if you talk like a Social Justice Warrior but can't take criticism constructively then I know you're just doing it for the glamor, not the justice. 4/4

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Because we all talk the talk about wanting to respect each other, but it takes real work to do it when our privilege has been challenged, and that is precisely the most important time to walk the walk. Because marginalized people watch how you behave when under stress, and for me, at least it's far more telling to me how you behave when challenged than how you behave when everyone's being nice and polite. 3/

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problem and you should reeducate yourself. Because I'm here to tell you, as a multiply intersectional person of wide and deep experience, I have literally encountered that thousands of times, and because I am mixed and often passing, I know where the impulse comes from and I know it is ugly and unkind and selfish. And I also know in my bones that you can do and should do better than that. 2/

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If you are privileged and you accidentally step in it and say or do something that sucks for someone else because of that privilege, I totally sympathize and understand that it was an accident, and I just want you to see me (or my friends/loved ones) and make reasonable amends. But if your first response to my saying, "Hey, that was fucked up. Could you maybe do better? I would recommend possibly X, Y, or Z" is "BUT MY FEELINGS! Don't Gatekeep my FEELINGS!" then you are precisely part of the 1/

Because honestly the real temptation is to be as lazy as possible. I wonder if the router already has git client on it.

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Went looking for a custom DDNS solution I could use to send a custom set of DNS API URIs to my DNS host (as part of the PeerTube shenanigans). And it was such a pain in the ass, so eventually I found someone with the same problem and the same router as I have, who did a how-to do a router-hosted cron job in bash, so I dusted off my bash hat and wrote a script. Which I guess I should store in gitlab or something? I have to be self-respecting right?

Still need to figure out wtf my router/firewall thinks it's doing with the port forwarding and why I can only access the peertube instance within the same network (rendering my DMZ plans moot) but, I do have the 5 port managed switch hardware (it's so cute) that I need for the DMZ network, so it's really just a matter of figuring out the software config.

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My fediverse hosting journey has been interesting. I had to learn/hack fstab/mount/umount more than I ever had before, not having apprehended that mounting options had changed, and having the perms on the storage volume external drive not fail immediately but only after about a week of uptime was weird, but I tracked it down and finally fixed it.

Tomorrow I'll play Dyson Sphere Program. 8a - 9a PT @

Getting set up to stream Watch Dogs (1) on Twtich in a few minutes.

I mean, learn the principles of collaborative, consensus based organizing. Go out and disshevel the bushes, drive the other white people out of hiding out on the veranda, sipping cocktails. Get signatures, recruit volunteers. Propagate the message. Network with other (white) organizations. Fundraise. Keep it going. Do all the other activist shit we always need. Do Hufflepuff (if you can even tolerate talking about JKR anymore) shit.

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I don't understand how (particularly white) allies have devolved into "should my white ass even be involved in this poc-support effort's manifesto/mission stage?" Answer: Yes. You can lend your privilege to build and cultivate momentum. You can facilitate and drive the process. You can solicit others' help. You can do all the behind the scenes shit you (I guess) expect me to do?

Well, that streaming session sucked because it was chockfull of interruptions that we thought we had scheduled to NOT interrupt, and yet it did. Le sigh.

Now that I've completed the 4-game campaign, Offworld Trading Company remains very popular. But I think I want to do a relaxation and play something else. What do you think? (MWF 8a-9a PT)

Around half of my hosted streaming content is now captioned. So that's good! Working on the rest. It's not manual, but automatic, so the transcription is nowhere near perfect. But it's not nothing!

Post streaming with OBS's plugin, it saves the captions locally to my drive, and when I download from Twitch I just get the mp4 file, so it's up to me I guess to marry them in YouTube and other platforms. Also some of the caption entries seem pretty long! Perhaps a preview.

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Not sure about the process when I stream with captioning - if I can download captions also from Twitch. Will report back Also haven't yet resolved the question of whether I can go back to an already recorded Twitch stream session and retroactively add captions. But I am looking!

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I have answered myself! If I uploaded the video(s) to YouTube and enabled automatic captioning, I can go into the Manage Videos back-end, select Subtitles, click the dropdown arrow next to the number of languages, and use the 3 dots on the automatic captions then select Download, and I can directly download the *.srt file. Then rename it more helpfully, and process it through my publication process.

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