Have you ever wanted to see if your friends would fall for phishing?

For this purpose, I have just created a website that you can link to instead of a harmful, real phishing site. #PhishWarn warns the user that he/she has just almost become a phishing victim.

โš ๏ธ pixelcode.codeberg.page/phishw

Of course, PhishWarn is completely harmless! Also, it's #FOSS and its source code can be found on @codeberg, by the way: codeberg.org/pixelcode/pages/s

@pixelcode I thought it would randomize URLs or something like that to make it seem legit. I guess you could just use a link shortener?

@mattheus Well, #PhishWarn's purpose is replacing an actual phishing website. If you want to test your friends, you would for example create a phishing e-mail yourself and link to PhishWarn.


Your Amazon account will be banned in 48 hours due to security concerns. To prevent this, log in to your account and validate your personal information.

[Validate personal info](pixelcode.codeberg.page/phishw)

@mattheus (The link could for example be a button or just a regular HTML link.)

@pixelcode I was just a little concerned cause it looks pretty fake knowing what Codeberg is and how to move my cursor over a link on a suspicious email. Probably just my tech person bias kicking in though.

@mattheus I mean, it'd be quite obvious without a link shortener ๐Ÿ˜…

@pixelcode I think I'll try it out on some friends. One without the shortner and one with. Maybe you should have a section where you go over how likely it is a less knowledgeable person would fall for it. You're not going to get enough people for it to be very scientific, but it would still be nice.

@mattheus Well, yes, this is just a first draft. I'll add some text about how to spot phishing, what to do if it's too late, how to do prevention etc. in the future.

(I'm open for suggestions btw ๐Ÿ˜‰)

@pixelcode when you're done with all that, I'll be sure to make an article, maybe even a video, including/about PhishWarn and put it on my website.

@pixelcode my website is pogchamp.xyz and I put my videos up on LBRY (link's on my site). It may be uh a few months after you finish cause my schedule is whack, but I'll do my best to remember.

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