Just read Chainsawman. It is peak fiction and you have to read it. Pump Chainsawman directly into your veins through an IV drip if you have to.

damn it hurts seeing my frequently used emojis :blobcatsadreach:

80s Japanese Pop is so profoundly nostalgic and sad

downloaded a bunch of fonts and ended up liking minion pro the best

fucked up

Dev error? Fuck is that? Fix your own errors, user. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

One thing that I strongly believe is that contstraints make people more creative, it's just such a strong thing, most things that I really enjoy are things with strong contraints, that being constrained graphics, small rulesets and so on.

software shitpost 

why have shareware, freeware, malware when you can have warioware

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