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weh transphobia 

fun fact: asking someone every few days if they want to detransition is not "just harmless questions", and is, in fact, transphobic

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i'm hungry

i wouldn't want to be my pizza rn :blobcatfearful:

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Trying to figure out if PeerTube, or my own instance of PeerTube or what might be the best approach to diversifying my game play streaming videos from just Twitch and YouTube. Unfortunately, various people I've seen post about moving into PeerTube seem to have the kind of online life where trouble follows them. Are there any PeerTube instances that both have gaming content and aren't full of terrible nazi-oriented crypto-bro types?

also, there's balance to find between finding positive in things where you can't see any without effort, and reflecting on the negative

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i'm not saying you must talk about everything to everyone though, just don't prevent yourself to do so if you want to

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guess what

non-toxic positivity means you have to talk about negative things to empower you into acting towards recovery

it also means never talking about negative things is toxic because it only hides wounds that will worsen if not taken care of

talking about what's wrong in your life is taking care about yourself and therefore everyone else around you and especially your loved ones

take care of yourself :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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i hate capitalism and the patriarchy

and borders

i just wanna vibe and make stuff and help people

but society says no, you have to tire yourself down for 40 hours a week if you wanna earn the right to survive


changed my username, previous account is @iriss is a generic Mastodon instance open to queer people and allies. I try to make it as much a safe-space as I can, but then it's a collective effort.