genitals mention 

@chjara penis must fall

when i'm this tired: perception -100

@Steph0x00 why is there a google drive logo on the building

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did you know my hair is red irl too? i think it's a a fun fact!! :ablobcatbongo:

i am not a vampire please don't stake me

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re: 👏 

@dragon DON'T talk to me until I've had my morning password rotation, changed my 2FA SMS phone number, and i've burned a new pattern into my left index fingerprint

@Mae i agree, only if by that you mean your extremely cool af and quality friend material :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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let's make things clear: capitalism bad

@AgathaSorceress by that i mean if the planet burns we're all going down

because of capitalism

thanks for reading

@AgathaSorceress disclaimer i didn't say we wouldn't fall with it

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