i'm against the existence of anyone who owns more than 1 million $ worth of stuff

there must be better ways to set the threshold such as setting it to anyone over 100x the poverty threshold

@efi not every house is worth 1.000.000$

however if yours is then something isn't right and there is a possibility that i'm against it but also cases where you can make an exception

also if you own one house, and you live in it, and it's not twice as big as you need to live comfy, idc, it's canonically usage-based property which is great

@mashi hm, yeah, I just think a million dollars is a small number if you start adding up alll the things a working class family owns
I definitely don't have that much, my house is worth a fifth of that, but I can see other people in this town reaching that threshold without leaving the definitely not rich class
if you had said a million in the bank, I'd agree completely

@efi well i'm def not ever gonna be a good appraiser lmao, but i think you get my point

also what i really want to do is to blame the most wealthy, not really even middle class, and i actually want to emphasize that there are waaaay to much people that don't even own a fraction 1M$

@mashi @efi I like these exceptions. For living comfy l'd need a castle, small harem, collection of lambos, 1 helicopter, 1 private jet and personal motorcycle track. Not there yet but that's the goal 😂

@mashi depends on where you live..
In some cities even a small dwelling can be worth a lot.

@Drezil okay that's fucked up, but then i obviously mean to adapt my point to every situation, my point being that *rich* people don't have the moral right to be rich

@mashi mostly yes. But only because 90% of wealth is inherited and not earned..
In Germany the top 10 billionaires all inherited their wealth.

@Drezil i also believe that one shouldn't get their hands onto such indecent amount of wealth. it doesn't matter that you "earned" it, because at some scales, you have to do something wrong such as using the work of others (employees) or fraud etc... to get there.

a single human can't produce tens of millions of $ worth of wealth in a single year

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