one day, i'd like to make a new fedi node with the following characteristics :
- a safe-space for queer (LGBTQIA+) people
- it will be a leftist safe space
- federation will be approval-based, i'll have to figure out how to do that (probably custom software, i.e. my old project "uptoot")

it would mean the end of (i can't maintain 2 fedi nodes)

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@steph i looked at the PR and it sucks if it works only as described by the PR message

@mashi idk I've used it and it was just a list in settings where you could enter domains

But yes it also disables the public views if you're not logged in

@steph ok but you can't follow accounts from non-allowed instances if i understand this correctly

@mashi yes, that's what whitelisted federation means right? You only can interact with what's whitelisted?

@mashi yea I wouldn't really know how to do that

You could probably do something with pleromer and a MRF? But then you have pleromer without a good frontend (unless you use soapbox but yea..)

@steph yeah i think i'm gonna have to write my own backend

@steph my idea would be that it'd send the instance to review, still federates, but in a restricted mode to avoid ripple effects, mark everything as sensitive etc...

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