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changed my username, previous account is @iriss

when i'm this tired: perception -100

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did you know my hair is red irl too? i think it's a a fun fact!! :ablobcatbongo:

i am not a vampire please don't stake me

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re: 👏 

@dragon DON'T talk to me until I've had my morning password rotation, changed my 2FA SMS phone number, and i've burned a new pattern into my left index fingerprint
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let's make things clear: capitalism bad

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there must be better ways to set the threshold such as setting it to anyone over 100x the poverty threshold

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i'm against the existence of anyone who owns more than 1 million $ worth of stuff

a person is never one thing
we all do and are many things in our lives

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I know we're upset, scared, and angry now; as we should.

But where is the media attention, the outrage, the calls for action, when it's the bodily autonomy of disabled people that is tossed aside?

When society pretends #COVID is "over" now that it's "only" dangerous for those with "pre-existing conditions"?

For 2+ years I've been forced to stay home. Getting COVID will probably leave me bedridden permanently. No one cares.

#ableism #eugenics

one day, i'd like to make a new fedi node with the following characteristics :
- a safe-space for queer (LGBTQIA+) people
- it will be a leftist safe space
- federation will be approval-based, i'll have to figure out how to do that (probably custom software, i.e. my old project "uptoot")

it would mean the end of (i can't maintain 2 fedi nodes)

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YYYY-MM-DD is acceptable

DD-MM-YYYY is acceptable

MM-DD-YYYY is unacceptable

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