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There you go, Forest Spirits is out! ashpie.com/release/forest-spir

If you like it, telling a friend or two about it, maybe even listening to it together would help me a lot.

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kc, if you like that kind of sounds, try "Mount Shrine" (musician) real rain drone music...sheers

Hi there muchach@s, wishing you all a happy summer, and happy coding (if you guys code) :-)

Me too (socially incapable) but I don't think it's horrible at all......sheer up!!!

happy San valentine's day for y'all guys!!...but if the love it''s out of reach for anyone, don't matter, I wish you a happy Sunday morning.... :-)

@arisu Thanks for the clarification, you are smart, nice & cute :-)

Hi guys, just out of curiosity...it is normal after join an instance/channel my name is already following several users? I thought that's something you decide to do after interact with users...Right?

Monotone Gnome: Could you finally were able to boot in to Linux?

Hi there...again after a few months of silence

Actually you can do it [to block updates from Microsoft] with an small application: WPD :)

just trying to learn how to toot...or what it's all about.. anyway, I'm more a reader not a writer. :)


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