@22goingon23@deadinsi.de ok cool except firefox (the only alternative) is shit and just gets worse every update, chromium is also shit but it's slightly less so

@chjara @22goingon23 I still wonder how mozilla came to become so pathetic

@meeper@outerheaven.club @chjara@mk.disqordia.space @22goingon23@deadinsi.de They ousted Eich in a poorly considered purge and middle management rot took hold of the entire company. Oh well, at least they sponsored Rust :^)

@meeper@outerheaven.club @chjara@mk.disqordia.space @22goingon23@deadinsi.de Also people don't like admitting this, but in many ways, Chromium is simply the better designed and better considered browser. Any OpenBSD developer could tell you that without a seconds thought.


@devilish @meeper @chjara @22goingon23 Firefox probably still has code from before it forked from Netscape Navigator.

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