There's a distinct chance I'll be made redundant because work lost the customer I'd been almost exclusively focused on. I find out for sure in 2 weeks. In the meantime I'm open to other opportunities now.

This week I got one of the computers I'd had in my attic up and running. I also put the hard drive and WiFi card from the dead computer in my garage in it. Lots of files I thought didn't have anymore: especially photos!

Mac OS minor peeve: I like to have my Bluetooth headphones as the sound output but the laptop's internal microphone as the sound input. This isn't hard to set up in the system preferences but resets every time the headphones reconnect.

I bought another pair of mouse traps from New World for 4 times the price of the first ones and now there are 2 fewer mice in my house.

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Today I bought a pair of mouse feeders from Pak 'n' Save. They're supposed to be mouse traps but the mice can eat the bait without anything happening.

The neural network on my phone says this is Gellonia dejectaria and I think Francis Walker must have been awfully strange to name it that.

Logseq is very much surplus to requirements when it comes to writing a shopping list; but it's also the best thing on my phone for writing a shopping list.

When a person discussing a system design (a food web, a social medium, a government, etc) is focused on preventing "freeloaders" or "parasites" instead of maximal benefit for minimal effort it's time to step back and reframe.

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My headphones just spent the night turned on and plugged into a charger which was turned off. They can't be used while charging so I'll have to rely on my brain's internal music for a while this morning. is a generic Mastodon instance open to queer people and allies. I try to make it as much a safe-space as I can, but then it's a collective effort.