one very nice thing about moving out is that i will be able to sleep at 8pm without fearing my night being interrupted by family noise

@sara is way more calm than my dad and my sister


... right @sara ?

going to bed late will make me tired, i can't afford this so i'm gonna set my alarm at 9:45 exceptionally. i expect to wake up early anyway

i hope i'll make it earlier to bed tomorrow and that should wrap it and make monday's trip cool on the sleep side

i feel peaceful when i think of this

i should use my calendar more because it seems to be helping with my anxiety

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tomorrow is gonna be another weird day

then sunday should be nice and calm so i'm going to use it for programming

then i'll see my @sara irl for the first time :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

then a day to prepare, another to load the car

and here it is, the day i finally move out of my parent's to live in belgium with @sara :ablobcatbongo:

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hrt + 

I need to update my own hitbox in my mind


i thought about posting in french as a casual gimmick

i thought it might come off as offensive so i changed my mind

good night everyone

remember to brush your teeth softly :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

subtoot, lewd 

oh yes definitely :blobcatblush:

that second shot is exhausting me a lot

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saying "he or she" instead of "they" but replacing it with two arbitrary neopronouns instead, like "xe or ey", and picking different ones for every use
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why do cishets insist on using "he or she" inestead of "they"
it's more effort to do that

i wanted to play an old game on my ndsi

the cartridge was not recognized

cleaned it with alcohol

instant detection


just noticed my mobile carrier added ipv6 as an opt-in option :ablobcatbongo:

first pr of the repo

it's an "Update" pr


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