So I started collecting music on CDs, starting with Yield by Pearl Jam.

There's just something about that feeling of having the physical media and booklets and stuff instead of a bunch of ones and zeroes on a hard drive

@SigmaOne ok but a cd is also a bunch of zeros and ones on a harddrive isn't it? :blobcat:

@iris I mean technically yes, but it's a cooler, dedicated hard drive, if you know what I mean

@iris Isn't zfs a file system, not an optical media though?

@SigmaOne yes but it makes hard drives more reliable C:


@SigmaOne and don't tell me you're gonna make vdevs out of CDs lmao

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@iris I mean ok for generic data storage zfs is cooler, but for music I'll rather use optical media due to the experience of having the actual disk

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