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hey @everyone (what, that doesn't work here? :blobcatopenmouth:) very important announcement. :blobcatsign:

i was actually @arisu from the beginning. please follow me there because this account is now officially my alt for nsfw so you'll miss all the good stuff™️ like blobcats or quality shittooting.

more details in this 2-toots thread:

someone please make ctp

chocolate transfer protocol :blobcatadorable:

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@iris I can't send chocolate over activitypub sorry

@mew hi are you planning on doing naughty things to my body? :blobcatblush:

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horny, replying to self as if it was not me 

@iris :blobcatpeekaboo: i don't know what you're talking about :blobcatblush:


what if i was horny on main


boosting one's toot sounds hot

but what about licking it :blobcatblep:

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TOS Update 

Hi everyone,

Shitposter club is updating its TOS. We have identified some derogatory & exclusionary terminology in our documentation and in order to better represent all of our users we're making an update to our Terms of Service.

Master is a metaphor that perpetuates racism. strives for inclusion and clarity; we have no need for terms derived from harmful metaphors when we have plenty of alternatives that are more inclusive, more descriptive and non-racist. For this reason, all instances of Masturbate are being replaced with Primarybate in the suite of products.

now i would only suck a non-man's dick though :blobcatnomouth:

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instead of telling someone to suck your dick, what about proposing to suck theirs? :blobcat3c:


oh fuck, nipple orgasm isn't a myth confirmed :blobcatblush:

i have too much free ram, someone pwease boop my chrome icon :blobcatblush:

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