girl are you a microwave because 

@alayna @pie @iris i will add to this dataset with the data:
rylee cute
rylee fun

this has been triple checked by my factcheckers, it is 100% factual

True centrism is when you like both Minecraft and Fortnite

@iris @SigmaOne shut down capitalism
humans themselves arent the problem
@iris I wish I had the freedom to go my own way, but if I don't earn enough money as a debt slave for Uncle Moneybags, Authority Man will deport my wife to a dystopian hellscape where they don't even have social healthcare.
How does it feel to be nothing but a number, a quantity, to another human being? A numerical representation of your exploitable value?

That's what you are.

Wake the fuck up already.

I really like typescript, it's full of types and is as flexible as javascript

That genericity is THICK

I just had a dream where abby from the 100 is in a zombie apocalypse like the walking dead and she is depressed and meets Kane who is on a long journey to rescue someone. She says smth like "this is my new challenge/mission" and it turns out it was a video game and now she runs extremely fast (kane too) and there are markers evrywhere on the map towards the objective. There are food, gas, and other supply caches.

Then I woke up and my room was too hot to continue sleeping.

Hello fedi, it's your boss here, I know you work in a retail store selling sports equipment and that the government has asked non-essential industries to shut down but people still need sports gear in this time of crisis....... so keep coming to work after your Sick Noteβ„’ has expired, even if you're still coughing everywhere you're PROBABLY not contagious and time is money and we need you on the shop floor, okay?

What's that? Your parents and grandparents just died to the pandemic? Haha okay have the mandatory 3 days' bereavement leave but don't forget we have targets to hit here, and with so few customers these are trying times πŸ˜” πŸ˜” πŸ˜”
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