i have came to the conclusion that all my problems originated from wearing too tight pants

i like eating a square of chocolate after meals, it kinda motivates me not to eat in between. i already lost 5kg c:

i want the good people ℒ️ to get safe home today

also, i want the bad people ℒ️ to think about themselves and realize that most of their problems are inside them, and are not caused by others

only when you agree with these ToS do you then gain access to the good people ℒ️ title

@toast @brother @iris it's not a great decision but it's probably a well programmed not great decision

Imma stop and go to bed.

... just after I finish this ...

... and this ...

... it's 5am wtf :pikasurprise:

TIL you can theme Firefox's scrollbar with CSS

This changes everything

I finally started HFT and after 6 days my skin is already so huuuh I love it :blobcatbigfan: :ablobcatrave:

new from your old pals at microsoft, we love linux so much, we made directx run on windows!

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the heterosexual mind is a terrifying and incomprehensible place

There was a family meme where we would jokingly say a ton a fake plates coming next when we would all be stuffed.

I recently starting paying proper attention to what and how much I'm eating... And the meme just got real help my family eats too much

Mastodon Has Always Allowed Employees To Work From Home And Will Continue To Do So

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