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Dear users:

Our instance is backed up once a day, but we're gonna skip friday's (and maybe more).
The reason is I'm moving to Belgium, bringing glimmer (the backup receiver) with me.
Your data won't be as safely backed up as usual.

I'll toot again once everything is back to normal.

I unfortunately don't have another temporary third backup location.

Please take care of yourselves and love each other! :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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Hi there muchach@s, wishing you all a happy summer, and happy coding (if you guys code) :-)

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I love self-hosting things. Having your own presence and place on the internet feels great.

ok i am not listening to enough music

i need to stop accepting the music in my head as a valid mp3 player :blobcatpeekaboo:

i really want to get back to making music, but it's kind of tricky during summer as it gets uncomfortably hot and my ac is very loud

plus i'm having trouble getting enough sleep

i hope i'll find workarounds soon!

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soo yesterday I was reminded that I once tried making a prettier alternative to the polyam flag but Ive never made a proper post about it so here we go,,, meow

Im not creative enough to come up with the meanings for the colours but if anyone has any ideas feel free to suggest ^^

I also tried making like a soft and sapphic version or something,, i dunno i just think it looks pretty


i'm probably gonna make a new mastodon account soon

this one is gonna be for my music, projects and announcements

and the other one for hugs and positivity

but for now: :ablobcatheartsqueeze: :blobcatHuggies:

And, most importantly, I now have a Bandcamp!

Many of you wanted to listen offline, so now you can buy my tracks on Bandcamp to get access to .flac files (downloads).

(these are lossless, exact and original)

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Announcements time!

My logo was modernized by @Bendayd1, thank you!

I updated my Twitter profile picture.

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I stopped listening to music for at least 2 weeks. I am never doing that again.

I can't truly live without music. Moreover, I can't make music if I don't listen to other music than my own.

Watch me as I embrace daily music listening MWAHAHAHA

gn fedi i'm angray idk why but also i love you all haha am i high or something ok bye

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