is it really summer if i'm not aflame yet?

la droite, est-ce que vous avez essayé de ne pas ?

la misogynie c'est vraiment de la merde

(le "stop the count" est bien entendu ironique et moqueur)

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for my english audience, this is misspelled french for mashed potatoe, also used the same way as the word "damn"

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oh gosh i exported a render and the project's metadata still has "Arisu" in the author field

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i've worked again on Train to the North Pole

i remade some of the instruments, reworked the bass, changed the chord's rythm in the first drop, and improved the mix a loooot

that's another song pretty much ready

j'comprend pas, il fait des pubs pour du dentifrice mais ce qui sort de sa bouche ça pue

c'est incroyable ça, y'a au moins 15% des gens qui font la loi en france qui souhaitent mon décès

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