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i made a new matrix homeserver

i will maintain it as a co-service (at least same longevity, responsible data handling and backup, sensible security measures)

it is hosted at (you'll have to bring in your own matrix client)

Oh welp I think I found an ending for Ice Sheet

Time to sleep though

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Ok step 1: do the dishes
step 2: make music until 13-14pm

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i would simply ask each baby what they want to be called right when they're born tbh

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backups are back to normal, with eliminated time difference between snapshot and backup

also backup is way quicker thanks to new bandwidth

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Dear users:

Our instance is backed up once a day, but we're gonna skip friday's (and maybe more).
The reason is I'm moving to Belgium, bringing glimmer (the backup receiver) with me.
Your data won't be as safely backed up as usual.

I'll toot again once everything is back to normal.

I unfortunately don't have another temporary third backup location.

Please take care of yourselves and love each other! :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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Hi there muchach@s, wishing you all a happy summer, and happy coding (if you guys code) :-)

@mattheus gpl seems nice

mit is cool for really simple stuff that is meant to be reused everywhere

i'm not an expert though

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I love self-hosting things. Having your own presence and place on the internet feels great.

ok i am not listening to enough music

i need to stop accepting the music in my head as a valid mp3 player :blobcatpeekaboo:

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