i don't get today's society love standards like, can't i just love everyone? :blobcatadorablepink:

@icedquinn oh sorry i forgot to read the word "studying" :blobcatsad:

well only the simplest presets in the most tweakable plugins will help you learn imho. complexe presets and/or vsts not giving you enough control didn't help me at all

i got most of my knowledge without presets, by crafting my own instruments (and will be learning to my death)

@icedquinn for example i do use flex a lot in my music. some of its presets are unusable to me, because i can't remove/tweak parts of them (unremovable delay effect for example), but if something sounds good out of the box and it helps me make my music sound better, then hell yeah!

it's basically like adding any physical instruments like a guitar or a violin

@icedquinn vst presets: if they sound good and you can tweak them enough, especially their effects stack, they're free realestate

mixer channel presets are good but imho it's best if you know how they are built and how to tweak them

i mean in the end tweaking is cool but the goal is sound so it's mainly a workflow question and it's a personnal one: do you seek more tweaking power or does these presets give you enough already?


Exams are dumb

They supposedly test if students have learned a thing, but they actually mostly seem to test if the student copes well with stress and ridiculously short deadlines

Besides, imo it'd be much more important to teach students to find reliable information than learn some random stuff half of which they'll never need

@Jain yeah i wouldn't use it for my music, it feels like i'd be giving out a lot of control over what i make

i could imagine using it however if i made stuff like EDM or something

it's 2:20am

i'm gonna wake up at 8:00am

someone is gonna clean to roof and make a lot of noise

tomorrow is gonna be hard :blobcatsweat:

but i'm gonna make it through the day!! :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

slep time :beanblobcat:

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