Thank you a lot, @Kabebu27, for Forest Spirits' brand new canvas! (available on Spotify on your phone

There you go, is live with a brand new design. 3 days and 7 hours until Forest Spirits release.

Thank you very much @aquarelleouate for your help in making this awesome effect on the countdown!

Btw, cover reveal 👀

Thanks so much @aquarelleouate for this beautiful artwork ❤️

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I stopped listening to music for at least 2 weeks. I am never doing that again.

I can't truly live without music. Moreover, I can't make music if I don't listen to other music than my own.

Watch me as I embrace daily music listening MWAHAHAHA is a generic Mastodon instance open to queer people and allies. I try to make it as much a safe-space as I can, but then it's a collective effort.