Forest Spirits is currently ~8min20s long. I can't wait to release this one omg so happy with what I'm doing with this! fdkasjlf

I've already worked on it 24 hours (per FL Studio's time tracking) since the 25th January 2021. Now, there were many time gaps during which I didn't do anything due to IRL happenings.

I believe I can make waaaay much more music, I just need to allow myself to integrate producing sessions in my planning.

I tried to pay tribute to Made in Abyss's OST, so you'll recognize the wonderful melody of "The First Layer".


Also, this song differs from my usual style. It's less dancy. Like a lot less. But it's a good thing imho, because it gives space for more storytelling.

For instance, it has 6 "chapters". It could be called an all-in-one EP. It's still definitely one song.

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