each time I try to convert another view file, a new thing needs to be done to the project at macro scale.

once i'm done with that, i'm gonna make tests (have already wrote some for basic frontend functionality) and swaf is gonna become very stable.

this is gonna take months.

this is gonna be super cool. :ablobcatbongo:

i'm spending all that pain now so that i won't have to spend it twice ever again.

it's actually also a lot of fun and i'm so excited!

the last thing i did was to put all source code in the src folder.

that includes the assets directory, that is frontend resources such as views and images.

there is now a typescript subproject for common code between backend and frontend! (it only contains a "Time" library)

one thing that will be missing from my implementation of svelte in the workflow of swaf is on the fly SSR, which would take too much time to do now. there's already too much tests to be written.

by that i mean serving a fully ready dynamic content, without the need to wait for an initial render client-side.

there's already basic SSR pre-baking, courtesy of svelte's amazing compilation system, but i want to add another custom layer to this that would allow to execute backend code and perform replacements on the pre-baked code.


that step would happen per-request (forgot to say that lol)

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