me: has a powerful computer, 3 monitors and a super awesome keyboard
also me: ok let's take notes with this pen and this paper notepad


@ashpie i found paper to be a much better way to get stuff done for some reason?
like, if i throw together a note on my computer i might not ever touch it ever again for a year, whereas a paper (or lately on the whiteboard), since it is actively taking physical space i can be like "oh yeah, i remember that" (until inevitably throwing/erasing it away)

@tarche yeah i think it's reasonable for me when it comes to drawing diagrams but for simple todos i'm better with trello-like boards (i use nextcloud deck)

@ashpie huh, been looking into it and seems quite nice
will check it out then, although never quite understood how to use trello-like boards (kanban if my memory isnt poopoo)

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