@thornAvery @ashpie Oh? I haven't heard of that. I have only really used [Matrix] when it comes to chat services outside of Discord. The tech is very neat although different rooms can have very different types of people.

@donkeyblam @ashpie im not really a fan of matrix, but they're similar tech.

if you want we have a comfy chat at cyberia@muc.p7.co.nz, with an avatar like that you'll fit right in :P

@thornAvery @ashpie Ah, ye, I will have to check it out. I assume that's through XMPP and not bridged? I also assume XMPP like similar technology has different clients, do you know a good list of clients?

@donkeyblam @ashpie yeah i dont have any bridging set up sorry.

the clients are a little bit of a mixed bag but:
desktop: gajim has the most features but is a little rough around the edges (its a lovably crappy client), dino has less features but is more polished, psi and psi+ exist and i have no experience with them.

android: blabber.im and conversations are the best

iOS: siskin is pretty ok but keep in mind it'll leak your iPhones name which may include your real name, and the dev apparently refuses to add a feature to change it????

the most important thing is that your client supports OMEMO, which i believe all of them do, however if you wanna check out others you can look at omemo.top to see whether it supports it or not (omemo is the E2E encryption that xmpp uses)

@thornAvery @ashpie Ah thanks! That is a shame in a way they aren't bridged. Is there any server you would reccomend making the account through?

@donkeyblam @ashpie theres a list of supposedly open ones here:


a lot of people on fedi use 404.city also, but i hear they have less features enabled than a lot of others.

for any of the ones on that list, if they dont have a site you can sign up on, you should be able to check the "register an account on this server" button in your client when logging on :)

@thornAvery @ashpie Honestly I don't know if its the client being weird or several of the servers on that list, but nothing is liking me make an account.

@thornAvery @ashpie Oh I just saw that last part of your message going to try that lol

@donkeyblam @ashpie uhh thats odd, maybe the list is old?

404.city is a good one at least temporarily that i know will let you haha

@ashpie Personally I really like [matrix], I find its something that both techies and more typical discord people can appreciate

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