meta, sadpost mention 

this is my main public facing account

i'm starting to feel the need to sadpost again so i might want to create another account but i don't want it to be public

i'm probably just gonna close my nsfw account as i don't feel like it anymore (i don't want it to be linkable to my main)

let's see if this one survives a good night of sleep

meta, sadpost mention 

@ashpie i hope yoyll be okay! dont end up accidentalky self-sabotaging :(

meta, sadpost mention 

@vete i think i'll be fine

what do you mean, "self-sabotaging"? i mean if it's the geneeic meaning, yeah it should be fine for now. anyway i feel like if i'm about to cross a bad line, it's almost certain that i'll seek help.

thanks anyway. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

scheduled toot as a personnal reminder 

@ashpie boop, so wadaya think

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