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rare negative toot 

in my top #10 things i dislike with mastodon: *likes* are called *favorites* which doesn't have the same meaning at all to me :ablobcatgrumpy:

ok maybe the choice set ain't the best but tusky limited me to 4 (or is it my actual instance?)

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what do you think of the 3 sentences ending with a smiley toot format? :ablobcatneon:

maybe one day, once i'm settled, once i reach some sort of stability, i'll give myself crazy goals as a distraction, like becoming the most famous person or the best programmer in the world :blobcat3c:

nah that sounds unhealthy, it should be a whole bunch of continuous tiny steps that can't do any harm. that's how i want my life :blobcatnomcookie:

i think i'd call the first thing "CorpoDreams™" :blobcatmoustache:

now i'll sleep my fix schedul- hum :blobcatsweats:

i'll fix my sleep schedule again, and go back to happy life :blobcatOwoHappy:

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so cyberpunk 2077 is garbage :blobcatheartbroken:

there are some tiny good things in the game but... :blobcatpeekaboo:

i played 5 hours and it's like i couldn't stop :blobcatdead:

but actually i've been bored af since the very first minute, how...? :blobcatglare:

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@pie hi you're cute and i miss u because of timezones :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

thanks i'm cured material 

protip: it doesn't make sense to stay up late when you've been tired all day. don't make the next day the same as today - sleep well :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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@julialuna embedded development just means you're coding in bed.

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i don't need a hairdresser

i'm my own hairdresser



i'm wearing these exact glasses irl :blobcatOwoHappy:

no i won't post a photo :blobcatoverlycute:

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@SigmaOne i like glass pc cases because i can look at my hardware directly :blobcatadorable:

it makes me feel more comfy about its existence :blobcatmelt:

that's kinda steampunky regarding the encapsulation principle :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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