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Although tbh this is an unacceptable solution and we should be waving pitchforks and torches at Google until they make it opt-in or something

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Just a reminder for everyone with WLAN, add _nomap to the end of the SSID and stop Google from using your WLAN for locating things

i like writing emails

like, plaintext emails

these feel like letters but more cyberpunk :blobcatcool:

2 is green, 3 is pink, 4 is purple, 5 is orange, 6 is red, 7 is yellow, 8 is purple :ablobcatrainbow:

change my mind

@arisu I'd imagine it's legal

If it's not, rebel against the system and do it anyways

impostor more like the one who's laughing incontrollably :blobcatred:

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