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i mean i already liked a lot before, but like, now i really like them :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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Time to write an enterprise grade AP server in java.

public abstract class AbstractBeanFactory
extends FactoryBeanRegistrySupport
implements ConfigurableBeanFactory

wait, there is position: sticky;? woaw this is so cooooool! :blobcataww:

today i made 31 commits to the uptoot repository (not ready for open source yet) and my PR on the node-http-signature package was merged! :blobcat:

a lot of queer people have kids

a lot of straight people (incl. couples) don’t

the only remarkable thing about these facts is how often they’re overlooked

also i'm a total noob in elixir; i have tried debugging pleroma and came to the conclusion that i'll open an issue once my project reaches maturity and i've made some tests

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> uptoot works perfectly fine with mastodon
> mastodon works perfectly fine with pleroma
> mfw pleroma can't verify http signatures in uptoot requests :catto:

I’m just saying, a transgender person taking a piss in a bathroom has never done 7 million dollars worth of damage

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if i had a nickel for every nickel i got i would have a positive feedback loop of nickels and the universe would be destroyed pretty quickly
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