@The_Quantum_Alpha @Novimatrem that's cool, but that's not exactly what i was talking about

@Novimatrem @The_Quantum_Alpha vivaldi is based on chromium, which has about 70% to 80% percent marketshare. chromium is controlled by google. using a chromium based browser participates in giving google power over web standards. :ablobcatheartbroken:

self harm, joke 

@Novimatrem hey mine ain't going anywhere before technic has improved a lot more than that :blobcatyandere:

also maybe i'll never do it because i'm actually fine with it :blobcatuguu:

demi-girl with dick feels right for me :blobcatpirate:

self harm, joke 

@Novimatrem please ask for a surgeon to do it properly :blobcatscience:

if you're gonna get rid of it, you might as well live on to experience the no-dick way for longer :blobcatadorable:

finally! i'm making progress towards swaf 0.23.0, and there are now 60 tests! :ablobcatbongo:

the release before 1.0 should be a release where almost everything has proper tests, and i think i want 1.0 to be getting rid of the boilerplate. :blobcat:

i want it to be simple and straightforward. ideally 1.0 will come along with a dedicated website (presentation and documentation). :blobcatscience:

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Linux/BIOS Question 

@MonotoneGnome it could be hardware failure, also your machine still has a windows license attached to it so you can always reinstall windows even if you do it on an external harddrive (i don't see a reason you couldn't use a usb key actually) like create a windows installation media (with the right edition) on one key, plug in another drive to install it to and try that

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@bunni @arisu yeah but reminder this is what shows up when images are turned off so you’d want it to look okay

@tinylesbiangamer i put almost every single of my scripts in ~/scripts (and subfolders), which i made a git repo :blobcatOwoHappy:

@ketmorco i personally try applying the following rules:
- if i don't want to write alt text for my media, i don't post the media :blobcatstop:
- if i find out i posted a media without alt text, i delete it :blobcatgooglytrash:

i don't have a lot of images to post though :blobcatpeekaboo:

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I find alt texts really interesting, because they say a lot about what the poster find important in a image.

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@arisu Same, also when media can't be loaded for whatever reason.

And every single of those should be enough to write an alt text if possible.

@kingannoy yes that too! if there is a lot of information, it can help to get to the point or to give more context! :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

i wish more people on the fediverse took the time to write alt text for medias. :blobcatsign:

not only is it useful for people using screen readers, it's also useful for people who don't understand what they are seeing. :blobcatadorablepink:

i've personnaly already used alt text many times to understand what i was looking at. :blobcatmoustache:

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