I'm almost done on this new music single...

It's got 840 notes, 59 plugins and 21 mix tracks for 9 hours of work.

Also I codenamed it "clock work", but that's lame so I'm really looking forward to dumping it for a better name.

@pie i feel sad for you

I hope you have a good rest soon

@pie what if you try to dream about me

no wait don't do that

@fw you're a dog that don't understand human language and you want food

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yyyy-mm-dd is the only acceptable format of date

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"how you program your mind when you’re at a low point is so impactful. resorting back to toxic patterns when you’re low is only strengthening those neural pathways and programming your mind to make those unhealthy choices or think those unhealthy thoughts every time you’re not feeling well. alternatively, trying your hardest to cope in a healthier way every time you’re feeling bad will strengthen those positive neural pathways, and as time goes on, it will become easier to make healthy choices and say no to toxic patterns. this of course isn’t to say that you should feel guilty if you relapse, it is not by any means easy to reprogram your brain and sometimes we relapse and that’s okay, so long as we’re trying our best to treat ourselves better."

@pie what about

your existence is 100% correct

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I was accosted by slugs. That's very annoying.

— Sazir Oburonol, Planter

@pie belike

*sees neighbors house burning down*

I'm bored

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