so i'm going to migrate all my projects from gitlab to my gitea instance.

> mfw i have 63 projects on gitlab :blobcatsweats:

first time i'm working like this, placing drums directly in the playlist as samples.

this is soooo much easier omg

So be it! It's now called uptoot. I'll update the branding tomorrow.

For now, here's a screenshot of the profile page. Metadatas are placeholder. Everything about toots: tbd. Followers/following only show local (known) follows. Following local and remote actors works except for relays (and i don't get why because it works when i run in in local env).

Of course that's not a lot of features, but it actually is a very lot on the backend side. Fortunately I've done the biggest part of it.

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*day 2*

Dear journal, we now have 4200 enqueued tasks. I don't think we can process the whole queue ever again.

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Alright I think I unleashed hell on our instance... This number just keeps growing

(I retried all dead jobs)

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Demain, je ferais un live où je développe de zéro un Character Controller 2D sur

J'expliquerai les différents outils mathématiques et les méthodes utilisées.

J'en profiterai pour répondre aux questions, alors n'hésitez pas !

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Thanks , but as an arch user, I update from my package manager... You blocked us from using the app until the update is available on the arch repository.

I'm going to try the nightly client... spooky

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RT @RoiLennon
12h22 de VA-11-HALL-A !!! Vous allez payer POUR TOUS LES AUTRES !!!!!

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