meh, sexism 

i remember i once posted on reddit r/pointlesslygendered saying that men should receive more compliment (i meant that it was not just men, it was everyone) and there were comments telling me to check my privileges. :blobcatderpy:

i didn't want to deal with these people so i just yeeted the whole post. :blobcattableflip:

here on fedi i'd never yeet a post for such reasons because i feel more empowered on my own content and more at home. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

meh, sexism 

@arisu 1000% in favor of men should receive for compliments

my pre transition self would have been way less fragile

But I guess one has to transition first to be worthy of kindness

meh, sexism 

@enum but everyone should receive more compliments, ain't it? why would it be just men? are they actually beibg less complimented? i never saw that, could it be cultural differences? am i just blind to compliments others make to others?

meh, sexism 

@arisu you are so incredibly welcome ❤️

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