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"If you make trans surgeries free, people will want to make plastic surgeries free, what will stop cis women from getting boobjobs!"

No one. If a cis woman wants bigger titties, then bounce bounce, am I right.

All people deserve autonomy over their body, actually. I don't care if my tax dollars are paying for your nose job, I think you have the right to control your body and if you want to change that, then I think you have the same right that I should have as a trans person to do so.

I want to make some kind of small jewlery like a necklace or a ring or something out of a 6790 MΩ resistor with a ± 0.25% tolerance

Yay, I found the bottom half of a raspberry pi case I managed to lose

Just the top half, side panels, and top panel to go

So I'm planning on etching some PCBs

Guess I'll need to etch them with ferric chloride instead of the reusable and thus more environmentally friendly copper chloride in an aqueous HCl solution, because hydrochloric acid is an absolute pain to get in Finland, and hydrogen peroxide is sold in tiny bottles so it'd get expensive fast

More games need to do a cell shaded artstyle, it ages a lot better and is often lighter on hardware while still looking great

For some reason I've been binging medical videos from this one youtuber for a few hours now

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Our take on TikTok: Beware. The social media giant not only collects troves of personal data on you (sometimes without your consent), but also cooperates with the Chinese Communist Party, extending China’s surveillance and censorship reach beyond its borders. Read more here:

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For some reason Intellij IDEA randomly crashes picom on my system

Turns out modding Minecraft isn't as hard as I thought

Or, well, at least writing OpenComputers drivers for Immersive Technology wasn't

My CD collection grows

With more Pearl Jam because that's like the only band I listen to which CDs are ever in stock at the local store and I'm too lazy to order anything

So apparently the Minecraft mod Immersive Technology has no OpenComputers integration

I think I'll try implementing that myself, it's a great excuse to learn Java

Long hair problems: I keep accidentally swallowing one or two hairs

I don't like summer at all, it's way too hot and my nose is constantly stuffy thanks to various pollens in the air

An idea: Since in our current society you legally become an independent adult at 18, every person gets to choose their own name when 18, for free

Like, you'd just receive a form from the gov't letting you choose whether to keep your given name, or if not, choose your own

So through some internet rabbit hole I ended up listening to The Caretaker's Everywhere at the end of time

This is probably the most unsettling musical experience I've heard

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I hate so much web devs that reimplement standard HTML components, completely breaking any UX / accessibility feature.

I feel like one of the worst offenders is probably selects.
They end up looking like shit on mobile, and not working at all on keyboard on a computer...

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