I want a Windows VM for gaming, but I'd need a second GPU for it, and now I'm mildly annoyed because even another 1060 is like over 200€

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Real friends don't make friends use Google.

@Dee I'd already have rewritten my stuff in Rust but the GUI side is still too lacking

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1. Rewrite all software in Rust
2. ???
3. Crab world domination
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I kinda want to buy one of those "Mini gender changer" D-Sub adapters just for the memes

I changed my phone language to French in an attempt to learn it, and I absolutely love the fact that "Toot" is translated as "Pouet"

Something about that word just amuses me way more than it probably should

I like how people tape up their laptop webcams, but what I don't like is that they keep forgetting that their phones have probably worse spyware and a better, non-covered front camera

Daylight Savings is the most useless time-related invention ever, all it does is make my life harder

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i hate times and dates can we delete timezones and just make it all base 10


I'm lowkey convinced that even though they claim otherwise, G**gle specifically designed SafetyNet to be easily usable for blocking apps from running on rooted devices in order to make it harder to get rid of their tracking. And Magisk bypassing that could be a reason for the new hardware-backed SafetyNet

Please don't take this as facts though, it's just me speculating

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100% of wars against birds have been lost by humanity
just don't fight birds
birds are friends

@iris I guess it kind of is an opposite

There really is a strange beauty to see something that is basically a relic from the past still somehow existing

Kinda the same feeling as when browsing through some neocities sites

@iris That's that really old Minecraft server, right?

So I joined a Synergy (HL2 MP) server I used to play a lot on about 2-3 years ago, and this is surprisingly sad

There's nobody there, and it's almost like the whole thing has been frozen in time for all those years

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