I wanna rant about lifted pickup trucks, there are so many here. the cargo bed has no hydraulic dumping/loading system and always stays level so it isn't very useful for transporting loading/unloading material, while at the same time you have to be in good shape to even fucking get inside of it. Nobody even uses pickups for transporting materials anyways outside of contract workers (who obviously don't lift it and if anything lower it). Basically no cars have ramps or are even convertable to allow wheelchair access when they are a huge van/SUV even though that is an obvious design possibility enabled by having a larger vehicle. Fucking dutch microcars can come with ramps and in the US I see vans with fucking cranes and lifting systems for the elderly and wheelchair users and shit it is so ridiculous and requires someone to assist anyways. They are *too big* and *too tall* and just cause cascading accessibility problems.

No, these things aren't for accessibility, you hear advocacy around cars for accessibility from the people this car-centric ideology has encircled and threatened and most deeply controlled who cannot see an escape. The soccer mom with multiple kids who is expected to be their personal gasoline valet from birth until driver's license and the status-wielding car owners who flaunt wealth or manliness with their automobile on a work commute full of debt-sink spaghetti interchanges that bankrupt their city. People who forgot how Newton's laws work and think bigger cars are safer and provide more protection (from the other huge cars) as a protection racket of momentum.

If cars are so accessible:
1. Where can I hop in one and use it now?
2. Where are the accessible ones which can be used without a hand, arm, leg, or from a wheelchair without assistance?
3. Why do they kill so many fucking people during the regular course of operation???

@thufie Here in Europe there's luckily not that many of the lifted colossal pickup trucks, and many of us find them just hilariously useless

Probably due to the smaller roads and higher taxes the pickup trucks there are are also not as massive, and are used for actual utility purposes like hauling fuel tanks for farming or forestry equipment etc.

And like there's no need for weird lifts or anything when you just have a low floor van like most of the more accessible taxis here

@SigmaOne just further evidence that when usians talk about cars as accessibility it is such a fucking joke


@thufie By my standards about 90% of the USAian culture around cars entirely is like a parody

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@SigmaOne our wheelchair accessible vehicles are too scared to lower the chassis enough for ramps I think given the unpredictable road and parking lot quality

@thufie Which is also kind of ridiculous considering that we're fine in Finland with roads and parking lots constantly in horrible condition due to the winters

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