Out of curiosity, I have a question, does one of these apply to you?

Boosts extra ok for sample size

@SigmaOne is this romantic or sexual or either orientation?

@SigmaOne *answers "has existential crisis about whether she counts as bi for the purpose of this poll"* 😅
(I take it that not)

@SigmaOne *Stares in endogenic system*




"Yes but no actually" or "all four" given the living-in-the-same-head makes this kinda stuff complicated.

We guess "yes Bi no Poly" has to be the closest re: our singletsona right now (simgletsona is a biromantic ace who is Very Single lol) if that works????

@SigmaOne Gay attractionwise (but only for wolves); I guess gender just doesn't really factor in at all relationshipwise, but I still don't consider myself bi/pan.

@SigmaOne i would have ordered them numerically based on the their value as a 2 bit binary integer, with no being 0 and yes being 1.

@binarycat Yeah in hindsight that would make more sense tbh

@SigmaOne honestly I have no idea I just like pretty people 🤷‍♀️

@SigmaOne woah, woah, woah, holdup

there are straight people on here?

(probably) bad statistics 

@SigmaOne So I take it bi people are not more likely to be poly than non-bi people, but poly people are more likely to be bi than mono people

(probably) bad statistics 

@trisschen I guess that's the best interpretation

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