Okay, humans of fedi, of any extent of being human

Does humanity, as in remaining human as evolution defines one, mean anything to you? If so, why?

Note that I'm not asking this to argue, I'm just curious what the arguments of those who think it is important are since I cannot think from that viewpoint myself

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@ella Mostly wanted human answers since I considered it extremely likely that those non-human would answer no

@SigmaOne Not human here, but interested!

I'm gonna leave this here for other nonhumans who want reminded when the poll ends.


@SigmaOne i think there's something beautiful about the whole human thing, just like with animals and plants and all that, i don't know how describe it, but i think about it a lot

and like,, i think it wouldnt be good if humans ceased existing

but also idk transhumanist stuff is rlly cool and i don't think there's anything bad about augmenting human bodies


@AgathaSorceress Those are good thoughts actually


@SigmaOne but also like

imo humans augmenting themselves is also often included in my feeling of "so much cool stuff happened on this planet, aside from the not cool stuff i guess", unless it's stuff like elon musk neuralink bs


@AgathaSorceress I wouldn't even call the neuralink an augment, it's just more of elon's bs


@SigmaOne oh yes, if not for the simple reason that it’s incredibly complicated (to me) to define and experience humanity. I feel there’s a lot that remains to be explored, and that exploration must be a collective endeavour on many levels. So, we need a lot of humans and non-humans engaged!

@SigmaOne one thought: it doesn't really matter. Unless something really weird and potentially ethucally questionable happens I won't luve long enough.
Speaking in generations would be too short of a unit of measurement.
And also, I feel ethics and civilization are more kmöortsnt to judge.
Change has ever been, that won't disappear entirely. And if humans need tonevolve because technology can't so be it.
It's just important we don't get a directed forced process of the pen of someone. And that we as the people that exist right now snd truly are the only people to act try to save every dingle live.


Is it a question about accidental mutations or trans-humanism?

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