:sayoriLikeFalse:​ buying food based on taste and quality
:sayoriLikeTrue:​ buying food based on what will give me free tupperware after I eat it

@laughwhilecrying The only issue is when something is really good but also comes with free containers

This is the reason why I have way too many club-mate bottles laying around

@SigmaOne this is extremely true and why several of my drinking glasses used to be jam jars


@laughwhilecrying I love that idea

I only have one glass mug that is kinda a mix of a jar and a mug, and now I want to start buying all kinds of jams just to have fun glasses

I'd like beakers better but those are a pain to get

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@SigmaOne the only pain is removing the labels but hot water and a good scrubber brush does the trick pretty well

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