serious; about online trans communities 

yknow, DIY HRT is not ideal but i do wish there wasn't such a culture of shaming around it in so many trans spaces

serious; about online trans communities 

@allie So much this

Like, there's plenty of countries where getting hormones prescribed takes years and is largely up to chance, if you can even get them then, and it's not like trans people magically don't exist in those, so DIY is the only option for many

Heck, even in a developed country like Finland it's a pain in the arse to get HRT, if you even can get it in the first place

serious; about online trans communities 

@SigmaOne plus it's often really restrictive for minors, which is specially cruel considering the pain that is going through puberty for a lot of us


serious; about online trans communities 

@allie Really restrictive is an understatement, really

Based on what I know, at least in Finland, minors just straight up can't even get HRT via official means

I can't even imagine what it's like in some country widely known as transphobic and/or conservative

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serious; about online trans communities 

@SigmaOne here in brazil, prescribing even blockers to a trans person under 16 is pretty much banned

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