Tech people need to stop excusing crappy accessibility with looks

No, "it looks better" is not an excuse to have terrible text contrast, among plenty of other things

@pastelpunkbandit @SigmaOne or have any functionality that isn't already in other programs.

I was going to say "or work" but that seemed to miss information; now I'm thinking I'm being too wordy.

Let's leave it at "fcsk discord"

@Truck @SigmaOne i mean ig it does work and combine functionality p well
but it's nothing you couldn't get by just using matrix and jitsi 🤷

tho like the way servers work in discord seems p unique at least

@pastelpunkbandit @SigmaOne as someone who's run irc daemons...

I'm not sure I can call what it does "working."

Honestly, I just don't understand _any_ of the "appeal" of Discord. I don't know why people would use it - I don't know why people would ask their friends or family to use it - and I can't fathom why people keep saying things like this.

So - because I honestly don't want to be the guy who's seen as "old man yelling at cloud" - what on EARTH is it that people like about it?
(I'll put aside, for now, that everything is likely in some other thing. And probably along with other things.)

HOPEFULLY what comes out of this is a way to fix the alternatives to be more appealing to folks in general, and not "truck gets disillusioned with the state of the internet again" (:

@Truck @pastelpunkbandit I have no idea what the appeal is either, I only use it myself because it's the only contact I have with some people who refuse to use any alternatives for some reason (Partly because nobody else is using said alternatives I guess?)

@SigmaOne @pastelpunkbandit I understand. It's why I am using Telegram, and only Telegram.

There are people who have installed Telegram just to talk to me, which... I need to fix by moving to some other alternative. Which I likely have to set up.

Matrix... I didn't like any of the clients (and I _think_ I tried them all... well, ok, I liked _one._ the weechat interface. But if folks don't want to use irc... they aren't going to want to use weechat to access matrix...) so I don't think I will suggest it...

I just don't care for it when folks choose something so... offputting... and then say "well there aren't any others"

Was in a meeting after an event that used Discord, multinational... some fellow from the US said "Well there aren't any others" and before I could offer any up, 5 alternatives were mentioned by 5 different people. The response: "oh... I didn't... know..."

@SigmaOne at least they could make an accessible theme with high contrast etc. available in settings

@LunaDragofelis @SigmaOne programs that don't respect my system theme quickly go in the trash 🚮

@LunaDragofelis @SigmaOne (also, having a separate "accessible version" is extra maintenance burden. you want to avoid that as much as possible. there are some cases where you do need separate versions for conflicting accessibility needs, but for most things, it's not needed.)

@grainloom @SigmaOne true

I do like the idea of more themes than just light/dark mode tho

@SigmaOne way too many people in tech use high-end monitors or smartphones with superior color reproduction and dynamic range, and don't realize that many of their users are not so lucky

@SigmaOne "it looks better" doesn't work when I literally cannot see it.

@rysiek @SigmaOne lmao. Well, I think discord is awful, it is better if you can't see so you choose a better alternative! :blobpeek:

@SigmaOne Webpages which may be accessed with a terminal browser are more readable there than in the graphical browsers.
Unfortunately most sites these days may not.

@SigmaOne I have fought this for years and it is always either the graphic designer refusing to budge on looks or the client refusing to budge on cost.
@SigmaOne #Accessibility isn't easy to make. You have so much extra attributes for e.g. screen-reader software to add. Proper #DOM document structuring is a first start but is already not easy to always archive or tell other developers that this is important. But sure in the year 2020 you should have accessibility-friendly websites.

@SigmaOne I think this is true. I hope most people building websites and apps! :blobcatcoffee:

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