Is it just me or do people tend to conveniently forget about all the human rights violations of i.e. Nestle when they see that a product they like is produced by them?

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@SigmaOne I honestly never knew nestle was so bad until i found r/FuckNestle one day tbh

@SigmaOne I think it's marketing. When people around you are feeling positive about something, it's difficult to stay negative about it. (So what if they're just TV people who are obviously acting? Hindbrain don't care.)

Also, compartmentalisation. Ethical concerns are in a separate magisterium to everyday life; you think about the poor African children dying of malnutrition when donating to WaterAid, but not so much when buying your noodles from the company that hooked them on formula milk.

grammar pedantry 

@SigmaOne (Also, I think you meant e.g.; i.e. means “in other words”, and Nestlé isn't the only company violating human rights.)

grammar pedantry 

@wizzwizz4 Ah, thanks, TIL

I did indeed mean e.g.

@SigmaOne I've actually stopped buying some candy I enjoyed just because it was made by Nestlé

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