Yay, blender 2.79b is on the AUR, I don't have to manually install it

Reason being that 2.8 is the normal blender in the repos and I don't like 2.8's UI at all

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I like 2.8 ui, little cobfysing tho comming from 2.79 hard to find, but i took such a long break from it i forgot how to even use 2.79 so 2.8 it is

@Twelve I guess I might be really used to the 2.7 UI, I couldn't find anything when trying 2.8

Apparently it is, or was at least, kinda divisive in the community, some like 2.8 and some hate it

I personaly on the side that really likes it, but i can see why someone might bot

@SigmaOne That would make my job a whole lot easier since I had to install gconf (the original, not gconf2) before that which took a while. Not really a problem anymore since I'm getting to know my way around 2.8 now.

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