Long coats, especially kinda gothy ones, are like the greatest thing

* Hides my awful body shape
* Looks cool
* Very warm

And that's just some of the reasons

Idea from a Discord chat:
Because the "punk" suffix implies political and/or social critique, start using "deco" as a suffix when only referring to the visuals

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homeless people: help us get a home please?
cities: no lol fuck off do it yourself
homeless people: alright then *do it themselves*
cities: no not like that

Props to Roccat for how easy their Kova[+] mouse is to repair

Literally one screw to open it (which is under a sticker but whatever), and then four more to remove the PCB, all of which are standard PH1

And on top of that, the cable's wire colours are printed on the PCB next to the correct pins too

I need cuddles

I wish I lived closer to people willing to cuddle me

I lost my 65 day uptime because the battery indicator in my statusbar broke :blobcatsad:

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Reminder that open source / FLOSS software and surveillance capitalism are not mutually exclusive.

Some forms of Ethical Open Source are, however.


Not sure if they're more 5minutecrafts edition or cyberpunk edition

On one hand, they're held together mostly with hot glue

On the other, it feels like a very cyberpunk thing to build your electronics entirely from salvaged parts

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I fixed the cable randomly falling partially off on my outdoor headphones

With a screw and even more hot glue

It seems to be a Tuya TYWE2L chip

Which is fun (no it is not), the UART pins are on the back with no way to access them without figuring out how to remove the whole chip

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Update on the lightbulb situation:
I got it open, and found out that most of the electronics are in a dolid block of silicone

Managed to dig out enough to find some pins on the ESP8266, seven of them to be exact

Of course, they aren't labeled, and there's a chance that UART isn't even exposed

I'm putting way too much effort into a 10€ lightbulb tbh

I wonder how many more people would have their own unique style and possibly personality if this society didn't have a culture of ostracising anyone different

It'd probably be quite trivial to build a remotely operated electronic parking timer thingy and disrespect the authorities by just turning it forwards by an hour whenever you're running low

And finally, I could find a bare ESP8266 from somewhere, desolder the LEDs, lose my mind soldering SMD LEDs to things, figure out a power supply, and make my own bulb

And then accidentally burn down the house because my DIY lightbulb shorted


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My options with this lightbulb are running low

* tuya-convert is not an option unless I can figure out how to decrypt the traffic from the thing with Tuya's new key

* the other main option is figuring out how to access the ESP8266's UART pins, but that might require an angle grinder or something (they aren't on the header I found)

* I could also either buy another one and hope it has the old firmware or hunt down a more flashing-friendly bulb for under 15€, which would be a pain


Weird monsters, a less lewd take, or something 

People like to consider only the lewd side of tentacle monsters, but imagine how convenient it would be to have one as a soldering assistant

No more constantly running out of hands

All consumer hardware should be legally required to have the software on it replaced with no specialised equipment or software

I probably could connect it to mains and see which pins have 3.3v signals on them, then try reading those with a Pi, but that has the risk of me frying a Pi, frying the lamp, or frying myself

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