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No tankies, fascists, racists, LGBTQ+phobes, TERFS, you know the deal

Okay so what kind of queer energy do around 7-8cm devil horns give off in y'all's opinions, if any?

Moving straight from the phone to the DAC with the same headphones really makes me appreciate how high quality this DAC really is

It brings a whole new dimension to music

Well, in conclusion, not many people out at this time of the cycle, but the few that were definitely did notice my longer horns

Nobody said anything though, so whatever

the top 5 most powerful US three letter agencies:

5. ICE
4. NSA
3. FBI
2. CIA
1. AWS

Only issue with tall horns is that I keep bonking my headphones' headband into them as I take the headphones off or put them on

Two intact horns or one intact and one snapped (in a kinda cute way)? For tonight's grocery getting run that is

So being the one person in my friend group with a 3D printer, I have been asked to print cat ears to one friend

Then he heard of my horns and now he apparently wants some of those too

Why does it feel like these bigger horns stay on better

Shouldn't it be the opposite with them being heavier and all?

I hate that they don't put FM receivers in phones anymore

People mad at Hetzner for raising IPv4 prices should perhaps be mad at US Department of Defense for having 220M of them and only using 1.2M

Another thing I love about this printer is that the power supply fan has this loud but distinctive deeper and hollower noise than the other fans

So apparently some old Datsuns told you in a kinda cute voice that the doors are open and stuff like that

I believe new cars should do that too, instead of loud and obnoxious beeping

I literally only have a side mounted spool on this printer just for the looks

Warm take: High refresh rate in computer monitors is overrated

Like don't get me wrong it's cool and all

But above 60Hz is not a necessity at all, nor is it as good as some hype it up to be

Like I'll rather have a high quality 60Hz IPS for a reasonable price than pay extra or ditch the high quality IPS just for the refresh rate

Oh no

I just realised I can call the optional LED module for the Scarlet hotend a ScarLED

Especially when there's small section where it keeps varying the fan speed with the 5015 on it being quite the loud thing

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I love the noises this printer makes so much

It's just so unfiltered and mechanical and stuff

It doesn't care about being elegant or quiet, just about doing exactly what it needs to do, and doing it perfectly

I lowkey want to try to order a custom machined aluminium block to liquid cool my stepper drivers

I won't because that'd be as stupid as it's expensive, but it would be fun

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