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Aaaaaaa (I don't know but it's positive) 

What is with this one girl's voice on my class being so adorable

My heart just absolutely melts whenever I hear her speak

I finally updated a Factorio mod I've been meaning to update for literally over a year

I don't know if I should be proud or disappointed about myself

Capitalism stuff I guess 

Even those fancy leather ones they sell for iphones I'm pretty sure I could make for way less than 50โ‚ฌ

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Capitalism stuff I guess 

So I'm sitting in the school lobby waiting for a class and overhearing a discussion from some apple users talking about their 30-50โ‚ฌ phone cases

Like what even, this is like peak capitalism, Why would a phone case cost 50โ‚ฌ when a decently good one can be printed for 50 cents

And 50 cents is probably much more than mass producing cases costs

Weird space stuff, potential death mention? I don't even know 

I wish interstellar travel will be possible in my lifetime

Just so I can fly in a black hole, even if it'll likely kill me, just to see what happens

I still have a sealed spool of ABS because I was going to print a new hotend shroud to fix fan tolerances but then the fan tolerances magically fixed themselves

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Today I had to remove a file from a friend's PC with powershell because windows explorer inexplicably crashed when even clicking on it

I honestly don't get what is going on in that OS

Also powershell couldn't tab complete the file for whatever reason


It's around 21 o clock

I should maybe eat dinner before I forget again

Then again I just ate a banana

But maybe dinner might be a good idea still

Considering the amount of drum and bass I listen to, I think my neighbours are lucky I prefer headphones

I don't know what kinda magic potion isopropanol is, but it sure does make my prints stick nicely

Can anyone recommend a good PixelFed instance to post my art (mostly car mods and some occasional random stuff) on?

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in my personal experience, i'm more likely to meet an lgbtq+ person who seems like they'd be a good parent, than i am to meet a cis het person with the same sort of energy.

picture this, right. your kid is feigning having a cold every other day because they don't want to go to school. we all know cis het parents who would 'get to the bottom' of that and then never talk about it again- the 'problem' is over, there was no physical illness, get back to school! We see it happen all the time.

we all also know lgbtq+ people who would find out, when appropriate, why they were doing it, in an attempt to understand why they don't want to go to school. basic stuff, but cis het parents just don't go that far from what i've seen and known

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nazis, re: A bit pol 

@SigmaOne yeah,, i think its similar to when I tried to get a nazi to stop being one,,
and whenever I told them something like "imagine if you were born as one of the minorities you hate so much, how'd it feel for you to be treated like this? if you had no control over that"

they were like "well I'm not one so I don't have to care" which was super frustrating to deal with so I just ended up banning them :/

I wish people could just... care about others

I think I should clean the corner my printer is in

There's filament scraps all over the place

Actually it's not even just in that corner tbh

So my family know I 3D printed a caffeine molecule for fun because I like caffeine

I should print an estradiol molecule next

A bit pol 

I think I figured out the biggest issue with trying to explain socialism to capitalist-leaning people; They can't seem to see things from a non-selfish point of view

Not sure if that is the case with everyone, but that's what I feel like I've encountered

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