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Note: Put some info in your bio, extra points for pronouns, if you wish for me to accept follow requests. Preferably also have at least some posts

No tankies, fascists, racists, LGBTQ+phobes, TERFS, you know the deal

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if i were wikipedia i would simply not deadname trans people in the first sentence of the article

someone should make an extension that does a regex like formerly known as( \w+)+\) and blurs it

2 minutes is actually 1.2 hectoseconds

1000 miles is one kilomile

cents? No, they're centieuros now

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One of my favourite things is using SI prefixes where I shouldn't

Like, "Yeah I've made 22 kiloposts"


I forgot if there's a word for mixing eggs until their structure is broken, so a recipe I have on a post-it note in my kitchen just says "Scrunklify eggs"

I've lost the last bits of willingness to keep even some small bits of human in me if in my lifetime the chance to transfer my consciousness is developed

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I am slowly rejecting my remaining scraps of humanity

Why bother pretending I'm human in anything but biology when I almost never feel human, and don't fit in with the humans

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it's cool when anarchists get banned from twitter. more people should get banned. ideally everyone.

I'm not sure i even want to know what a home stuck is at this point

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when will my wife* return from the war**

* the revolution
** not having happened

I wonder if my parents will ever actually finish their project of building all my old lego sets

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im thinkin about the way little birdies go hop hop hop

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Looking for published papers on trans voice training, boosts welcome 

Does anyone have specific recommendations for journal papers on the benefits of voice training for trans people? I’m about to do a sci-hub search but anything you’ve come across would be useful.

This is for Trans Actual - a trans-led U.K. lobbying and info charity. They’ll be using it to make a case for better services from the NHS

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post-breakdown care tip, self harm and blood ment. 

For post breakdown care, i was recommended cicaplast as a cream to apply once the blood have dried up and stopped running.
After a few tries, i think it provides a pretty immediate (1-2h~) good result of helping the wound close, and i'm mostly left with reddish swollen lines along where the cut were done.
Contact still burns and stings, but not as much
And after a few weeks, there isn't a lot left visible at all

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not a big fan of people recording people in public

i dont know if that person just accidentally happened to have their front camera pointed at me or if they were intentionally recording me but Im not happy about it. being trans in public places is scary

Still not over how when the coupling hatches on the Sm3 Pendolinos broke, VR just went "Ok bolt them open permanently then"

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@LunaDragofelis @cadxdr exactly, but also, there is an inverse relationship between those types of power. The more people have power over their own lives, the less people can exert power over others

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@schratze @cadxdr Basically, people should have all the power possible over their own lives, and no power over other people.
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