Laptop stickers are such a pain to get without ordering online

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anyone that thinks ‘logic’ is superior to ‘emotions’ 100% of the time can suck it

Can't wait for winter, getting quite tired of how light it is out all the time

So I was thinking of possibly buying the Serial Experiments Lain soundtrack

Guess not, it's like 160€ on CD on eBay

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Why is it so hard to change a block's faces' textures dynamically in a Minecraft mod without creating 729 different blockStates

I just realized that my office chair's cushion is slowly disintegrating, and that there's bits of foam from it all over the place

Aaaaa, there's a gigantic moth in my bedroom

I kinda want to try disabling the Intel Management Engine on my PC, which should be doable, and relatively safe with my dual BIOS motherboard

As it turns out, the cup-style pen holder for my older drawing tablet is also a great ice cream cone holder

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on nukes and general doom, article link 

So, if Beirut looks roughly like the yield of "low yield nuclear weapons" why the hell are we building more of them? In what way is this making the world safer? In what fucking universe does "great power competition" justify bringing more of these things into existence?

Nukes are not meant for fighting wars, they're meant for killing entire cities at a time. Even "low yield" ones. DEMAND nuclear disarmament. If even one goes off accidentally it could mean the death of thousands, millions, or even all of us.

"Since 1950, there have been 32 nuclear weapon accidents, known as “Broken Arrows.” A Broken Arrow is defined as an unexpected event involving nuclear weapons that result in the accidental launching, firing, detonating, theft, or loss of the weapon. To date, six nuclear weapons have been lost and never recovered."

If we want to survive on this planet another hundred or so years we have to get rid of the risk.

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Tfw needed to install GeoGebra for figuring out a part of an UV map of a 3D model

Why does closing VLC crash picom

Actually, why do some completely arbitrary things crash picom

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These monopolies are inevitably not just inefficient, plagued by "the curse of bigness," but they also crowd out GOOD companies with superior products, by using the vertical integration to keep them from getting into the market.


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Then there were the internal empire-builders at Google that kept Nest from being properly secured, leading to a rash of voyeurs who spied on and terrorized Nest owners by screaming obscenities at them and their kids:

None of this should be happening. For decades, America's competition law operated on the presumption of "structural separation" - the idea that companies should not be allowed to form vertical monopolies:


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Home automation and home security have become the shittiest end of the Internet of Shit. On the one hand, you have Ring, who turn your home security system into part of a warrantless, off-the-books mass-surveillance grid for local cops:

On the other, you have devices sold through "partnerships" with cable monopolists that are unceremoniously bricked when the deals end:


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...they've bought a $450m stake in home security giant ADT, which will turn ADT customers into nonconsensual Nest customers.

Under the deal, ADT customers' security cameras will be "upgraded" to Nest devices whose videos will be sent to Google for long-term storage and machine-learning analysis.


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Google sucks at IoT so, in the time-honored tradition of monopolists, it bought a successful company, Nest, bricked much of its existing gear, failed catastrophically to integrate it for YEARS, exposing users to hacks, shuffled it around and around the corporate structure...

Locked out competing devices, hid secret microphones in new, "microphone-free" devices, and now...


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