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No tankies, fascists, racists, LGBTQ+phobes, TERFS, you know the deal

Car centric planners will literally use the space of three train stations just so cars can go in four directions and then say it's fine and normal

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Good city builder/urban planning sim that doesn't eat literally 25 gigs of RAM and run like garbage when


jgkdfgk I want to be cuddled by cute androids again,,

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ugh why can't I find a guy who will build a thermonuclear bomb with me 🥺

I wonder what the TGV in Mission Impossible is powered by, it has a pantograph, which is down and there's no overhead wiring, but then there's also no third rail?

Gas turbine generators maybe?

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marked and unmarked race in uspol news 

the choice of whether to mark the race of victims and perpetrators in news coverage is a very remarkable avenue for deploying half-truths or lies.

right now I get the impression this is being turned up to the max (I keep a healthy distance from "news" myself). I am sorry to all the people who are impacted by the erasure of white supremacist terrorism in the white supremacist protection racket of amerikkka :flagUSDistressColor: :Fire_Panafrican:

We see you here, unfiltered, we are sending you love. Please take respite from the sickening news ❤️ and let yourself heal

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rightwingers including have been spreading misinformation that the shooter in texas was a trans woman, using random photos they pulled from reddit. the person in the photos is currently posting on reddit in apparent horror that her photos were used in this way.

I wonder if a regular monitor arm bolted sideways to my shelf could hold a drawing tablet

I'd use a proper tablet mount but those cost like 400€

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Forreal tho this is a begpost, i have absolutely nowhere to put my computer and nowhere to sit except in bed…

So… please ;A;


Cashapp: $plausocks

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Does anyone have any experience with wheatpasting? I'd like to do some sometime soon, but the logistics of it kind of boggle me. Can you just walk around with a jar and a brush like that? How can I do that more on the inconspicuous side? I'd like to do it in a fairly busy place, however I also don't want to get stopped by cops for "vandalism" or whatever.

Actually affordable tiny OLED screens when

So I can make 130 or so keycaps with them

The loss meme is basically a character (as in letters etc.) by now

Like, it can be represented with just a few lines, which people recognise as meaning "loss"

Wait is this how writing systems such as Kanji and such were created

Am I weird for writing the letter a with the top hook thing?

Which a do you use when handwriting

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once again reminding myself that the only appropriate time to update or install an android rom, even if it "should be fine and easy", is in the early morning and not any later

if it can boot loop, it will boot loop

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