The Human Brain is like a Computer to which we dont have the Admin rights
to. We just have a user Account with Limited access.
-Elektronator, May 2016

MH - 

I wish I could more helpful to my husband when he's having social anxiety, but he gets more energy from being alone, and that's so hard for me to understand.

Self depreciative humor; asthma 

I used to think I would function quite well in space until I found out that asthmatics and people who can't do math are pretty much excluded from the space program.

Hello! :) Thank you for adding me! This is my post!

My screen name is Phoenix Borealis. I will respond to that, simply Phoenix and my meatspace name, which is Jes with one 's'. My pronouns are she/her. I'm 29 years old from the U.S.

I joined Mastodon, because I want to be social and make friends, but I don't want to constantly see posts meant to rile me up and get me fighting with people, which was pretty much all I did on Facebook.

Thank you for having me!

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