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Hello world!
My name is Maxwell. I'm an artist, writer, and aspiring webcomic creator. I'll mostly be sharing pieces of stories I'm working on (like random plot concepts, worldbuilding, concept art, etc.), as well as talking about animation, games, TTRPGs, and stuff like that.

My favorite thing about Blender is that there will always be someone more mystified than I am
I feel like a wizard even though I have absolutely no clue what I'm actually doing

Although, come to think of it, I don't think I'll be buying it either way.
The Pokémon company went and worked with Tencent for that stupid Unite thing or whatever and that's a bit of a problem. I don't even care whether or not they're involved with this game specifically; I don't want to risk supporting them at all.

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I hate that I'm as excited as I am about that Pokémon legends thing. After Sword and Shield, I don't have any faith that this won't be an absolute disaster, but an open world Pokémon game? That's an absolutely flawless idea and I really, REALLY want to see it work out.

Racoons are among the most perfect creatures on the planet

There's a lot I miss about my old home, but at least there's an actual variety of moths here.
I always thought they were ALL tiny, frail, and the color of dust, but over here I've seen some that are pink and green and even some black-and-white marbled ones.
I love moths so much :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

Pluto is a planet and anyone who says otherwise can fight me

Okay, so it looks like Finnish doesn't have articles (I think that's what they're called? Like "a" and whatever), and "is" always comes after whatever word you would put next in English (for instance, "Hän hauska on" rather than "Hä on hauska"
Or that's what I'm gathering from the handful of Duolingo lessons I did today...
I wish it was more direct about the actual grammar and alphabet, but I guess I'll have to learn those independently.

Bohemian Typewriter is my favorite, but GNUtypewriter is pretty good, too!

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Typewriter fonts are, objectively, the best for personal projects and stuff. I probably wouldn't use any for websites or anything, but for planning projects and drafts and things... It's the perfect balance of a bit messy but still clean and readable.

Or maybe I'm overthinking things a lot
I had a whole bunch of caffeine and everything seems like a good idea right now

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The fact that replicating little chunks of Earth is an entire artform is really beautiful, I think. It's very human, if that makes sense.
We fell in love with the world around us, and we really try to capture all those little things that make it so pretty.
And we do this in everything. Illustration, animation, music, game development, writing, film, even cooking and interior design.
I want enough of it to survive that future generations fall in love with it, too.

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I want to start making those little terrariums and stuff. It never occured to me that you could just make a small one and not put fish or whatever in there. Just some little plants and rocks and you can make whatever you want.
Glass seems to be a lot easier to work with than I initially thought, and it's not difficult to get the tools you need (if a bit pricy...)

So, I recently learned that the reason humans evolved the way they did is because of cooking. They cooked meat which made it easier to digest, which meant they could put more energy towards being smart and stuff.
But we've also been feeding dogs and cats cooked meat for centuries, and birds like crows, pigeons, and whatever have had access to cooked food as well (pet birds are sometimes fed cooked food, but not as frequently)...
I hope that I live long enough to see where this goes

I managed to get most of my room clean! I've gotta reorganize my desk and shelves, but that's a tomorrow problem (:

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I just did the dishes and I was supposed to clean my room right after, but then I decided to browse youtube for a little bit and it's been half an hour

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I have severely underestimated my ability to procrastinate

Thread: About Windows 11's high system requirements. You know, a lot of blind people, who don't have jobs, live on social security and disability money, and who definitely don't have the newest computers, won't get Windows 11. This could have been a great chance for Linux to step up and say loud and proud "Because we support every person's ability to choose their system, and use and learn about computers, we will never force upon users what system they must run. And because we stand proudly with people with disabilities, all blind people are welcome in the world of free and open source software, where they can learn and create just like everyone else."

But no. Gnome, one of the most popular desktops on Linux, is trash with accessibility. KDE is working on it, but that'll take years. Who's ever heard of Mate? And who makes current software for the command line, for users and not other developers?

Before covid, "remote proctoring" tools were a niche product, invasive tools that spied on students who needed to take high-stakes tests but couldn't get to campus or a satellite test-taking room. But the lockdown meant that *all* students found themselves in this position.


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