rewatching EVERYTHING WILL BE OK as I get ready for bed reminds of the power art and culture has to not only tell stories, but also explore complex subject matter and comment upon the world in an incredible manner.

What if we are nothing more than that little frightened brain stem?

How could you think I'd ever want to hurt you

oh god in my current state don't let me near any public-facing text boxes wait fuck

in all seriousness Boys II Men's I'll Make Love To You is great (first time I've listened to it ever was today), a sultry song with consent at its heart. I'd be surprised if it hasn't been sampled in my circles already.

The legal case of Gaye v Thicke sounds really lewd out of context

As a creative;

I'm in this picture and... I'm actually okay with it. I relate to the God in this story

(From Sum: Forty Tales From The Afterlives by David Eagleman)

Self promo, electronic music, Bandcamp fridays 

By the way if you like my work you're more than welcome to name a price for it. Especially on this most Bandcamp of Fridays.

I don't usually do weird promo tweet/toots like this, it's awkward as all hell, I'm sure some people out there think I should.

self promo, video diary 

A ninth month of a third year occurred!

self promo, electronic music 

Refer back to us at any time, night or day...

Selfies and selfie sticks 

For my birthday my sister gave me a gooseneck phone holder.

Today I realised it can also function as a handy selfie stick

Self promo 

look daddy I was on the internet radio!

I look forward to the day that Disney buys Sony Pictures in order to get Spiderman, and all of the ensuing chaos

Also could delegation be one of the greatest superpowers hyperconnected technology has given us?

Day four under a strong head cold; beginning to struggle to figure out what is dream and what is real

self promo, video diary 

An eighth month of a third year occurred!

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