OpenGL projects being posted on my instance, gotta share my own too :p

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the world if you could compile gcc with clang

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Dude I love moving to Mastodon to get away from the politics of twitter only to have politics shoved deeper down my throat on Mastodon

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russian hackers are the best
how do I know?
they're the only ones brave enough to use their own IPs
virgin 7-proxy man vs the chad clearnet hacker

Cloudflare down, next day after the twitter hacks. Weird.

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Ok so wiping the hard drive and installing Windows did, in fact, not work.

Installing Arch did though, so I guess I have to be using Linux on my desktop until I can build my own one! It'll be an experience and, to be quite honest, will force me to learn a lot more about the distro that I thought I would need to.

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My two aesthetics are "soft pastel uwu" and "let's fuck some shit up as batman"

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>user tries to play raw 50 Mbit/s drone footage from a network share
>doesn't work because they're on shitty 2.4GHz wifi in the corner of a building
>recommend using ethernet cable because there should be an outlet right next to her computer
>"but my laptop at home plays 1080p video from the internet fine over wifi, how slow is this piece of garbage"
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